We are committed every day to safeguard the environment!

At Geolive we strive daily to guarantee a clean and healthy environment for future generations.

The challenge, not simple, is carried out by the whole company with tenacity and constant research, also towards new sustainable cultivation techniques. Meanwhile, we have reduced the environmental impact of using electricity by using the renewable energy produced by our photovoltaic system, which covers an area of about 5000 square meters and which allows us to produce around 1,300,000 kw per year.

The photovoltaic system installed in our factory significantly lowers the emission of CO2 deriving from our production processes.

As a second step we have decided to eliminate the use of pesticides and harmful chemical products from our raw materials: the Geolive suppliers, in fact, have several hectares of Nocellara del Belìce D.O.P. 100% organic. We also try to respect nature and its spontaneous times, in a symbiotic relationship from which we draw the best in qualitative and ethical terms.


In the company we only use work tools with reduced environmental impact: our pallet trucks as well as our forklifts (and not only those) are all electrically powered. But our efforts do not stop there, as we are constantly looking for "green" solutions that make our plant as eco-friendly as possible.