Not only goodness, but also security and attention

Over the years our products have received certifications and awards of which we are particularly proud. Like any product associated with good food and genuineness, in addition to the quality of the ingredients one cannot fail to mention the necessary attention to the details of the various stages of production and to the hygiene standards. The company Geolive prides itself on paying extreme attention to the technology used for its entire range of products. From the initial storage of the olives to its final transport, each step is documented and follows well-defined internal rules and in line with the regulations on hygiene standards.

Protected designation of origin

Geolive offers D.O.P. certification for some of its products. (Protected Designation of Origin) which internationally certifies the characteristics of the geographical area of production and the unique transformation processes, making the agricultural food products named in this way inimitable. The process and attention to detail is able to guarantee food safety from the producer to the consumer, in full compliance with current regulations. This principle also applies to the aesthetic phase of the process, including packaging and labeling, as well as the storage of the finished product and its transport.

Organic Product

The EU organic farming logo gives consumers the security regarding the origin and quality of food and drink. The presence of the logo on the products ensures compliance with the European regulation on organic farming.

B.R.C. Food Certificated

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety was born in 1998 to ensure that branded products are obtained according to well-defined quality standards and in compliance with minimum requirements.

Kosher Certification

In order for a product to be Kosher certified, it must meet the very strict quality standards and that all production and packaging procedures as well as every single ingredient used in its preparation comply with the restrictive laws of Kasheruth.

Standard IFS

The IFS Standard (International Food Standard) aims to facilitate the effective selection of GDO-branded food suppliers, based on their ability to provide safe products, compliant with contractual specifications and legal requirements.

HACCP Certification

In application of Decree Law No. 155 of 26 May 1997 known as HACCP, concerning hygiene and safety of food products, each phase is controlled in order to provide maximum safety to the consumer, making use of specialized professionals for a correct hygiene practice . The different phases include a systematic detection of any discrepancies, a clear definition of responsibilities, adequate documentation and global verification procedures.

ISO 9001 - 2008 e ISO 22005 - 2007

The company Geolive respects the regulations of the production sector in question and has acquired all the structural suitability of the hygiene rules, including the authorization and the health suitability book and has enhanced the company's strengths. In particular, Geolive follows the stringent ISO standards regarding product quality and traceability. The ISO 9001: 2008 quality certificate is an internationally recognized quality standard that reduces risks and increases process control in order to increase customer satisfaction and offer a product certified by an external certification body. But what would be the guarantee of quality of the procedure if there were not at the basis also the certification of the traceability of the product itself? Following the norms of ISO 22005: 2007, the whole Geolive process is followed in detail, so it can be said that it follows the olives from the tree to the point of sale. It thus gives added value to the food product, keeping it under control from the beginning. In this way he manages to go back to the raw materials used and trace his components and his journey towards the consumer.