Nocellara del Belìce: a family tradition.

Since 1945 the Geolive has the olives born from the land of this splendid corner of Sicily at heart. A few kilometers from the sea and from history, which stands out in one of the most famous archaeological parks in the world, grows the Nocellara del Belìce cultivar, meaty and tasty like few others.


The Beginnings

The historical union between the Nocellara del Belìce and the Lombardo family, finds its origins in the distant 1945 when Giovanni Di Maio, great-grandfather of the current administrator Annamaria Lombardo, began, with a small warehouse in Via Diaz in Castelvetrano, the processing of Nocellara olives del Belìce.


Revolutionary Choices

In 1955, after years of work and growth, he took over the management of the Anonino Macaluso company, which had married Lilla Di Maio, the founder's daughter. Macaluso understands that times are changing and adapts the company with new production systems by opening the Castelvetrano olives market to Campania, for that time considered a futuristic choice.


Growth always linked to the roots

In 1979 still a son-in-law, Franco Lombardo is the protagonist of company growth in a perspective of continuity of the experience made by his father-in-law. Lombardo takes over the reins of the company and focuses decisively on the quality of the product with substantial technological investments. The farsighted business man realizes the importance of following the work of farmers who produce Nocellara del Belìce.



The company expands

After obtaining important commercial results both on national and international markets, Franco Lombardo with his sons Annamaria and Paolo, decides to once again expand the company by transferring it to the current headquarters of SS 115 in Castelvetrano. With an important investment, today's company Geolive opens up.



New collaborations

In this year the Lombardo family, also considering the need to increase production, opens the social capital to the business men Miccio and Granata of Naples, already present for several decades in the table olives market. The joint adventure allows the Geolive to expand the company and the production lines with the acquisition of modern technologies essential to the processing of the Nocellara D.O.P.



An avant-garde factory

In 2015 the Geolive group is still growing. Thanks to the results obtained on the semi-finished product markets, the company decided to focus on direct packaging by building a new 5000 square meter factory and installing the latest generation packaging lines, capable of producing up to 6000 units per hour.


We are about to make 10 years

Today, Geolive is preparing for 10 years of intense activity, and it does so with an extended plant covering around 100,000 square meters, latest-generation technologies and the constantly growing desire to look ahead and experiment.